Eagle Ridge Mens Club

A group of quality men sprinkled with the occasional sandbagger. 

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July 20th & 21st Saturday & Sunday 8:30AM Team Club Championship 

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2024 Match Play Series


Last Tournament Winners

2024 Tournament Calendar

January 27th Saturday 9:AM

February 24th Saturday 9:AM NCGA Qualifier

March 23rd Saturday 9:AM

April 27th Saturday 8:30AM NCGA Zone Qualifier

May 25th Saturday 8:30AM

June 22nd Saturday 8:30AM

July 20th & 21st Saturday &

Sunday 8:30AM Team Club Championship

August 10th Saturday TBD Away Tournament

August 24th & 25th Saturday &

Sunday 8:30AM Individual Club Championships

September 28th & 29th Saturday & Sunday 9:AM Member Member/Guest

October 12th & 13th Saturday &

Sunday 11:AM   Kelly Ryder Cup

(28 Qualifying Players)

November 2nd Saturday 8:30AM

Men's Cup  (20 Qualifying Players)

 2023 Year in Review

Tournament Winners

Tourney# Flight A         Flight B

1         S. Reynisson     R. Hattaway     

2        S. Stever            B. Gonzales

3        Coelho/Heinly   Team Event

4        N. Harding        D. Recotta

5        T. Bodrouk        R. Durand

6        D. Diaz               L. Fortino

7        C. Filice            N/A

8        D. Carroll         N/A

9        Antepenko/Evans Team Champs       

10     Kelly/Green      McMillian/Greenwood

11     Kelly Cup -       Team Gullen

12     Men's Cup        D. Bennett

Match Play 

         D. Diaz               B. Conzales 



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Rules of Play

Every year it is the objective of the board to create a fair and level playing field for every member at every tournament. As a result, we will continue to monitor scores and penalize golfers who breach the following.


2024 Club Handicap Rules (Rules Updated for 2024 Season)

Rule 1: A maximum of 36 strokes will be allowed in all our tournaments and will apply to skins betting as well.

Rule 2: Any player recording 3 net scores of net 70 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 strokes after the third score.

Rule 3: Any player recording two (2) rounds of net 68 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 after the second score.

Rule 4: Any player recording a single (1) round of net 66 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 after the first score.

Rule 5: Any player recording a net score of 73 (was 71) or below in a 2023 tournament will have their current & prior years ERMC tournament scores reviewed. If there are 2 or more net 73 or below scores recorded in the prior 8 tournaments, then rule 6 may apply. For new members, prior year scores will be reviewed when appropriate.

Rule 6:  Rule 6 will be applied to all Eagle Ridge Men's Club members (ERMC) for the 2024 season. Rule 6 calculates an 'ERMC Index' for each player prior to each event by averaging the 2 lowest scoring differentials of the player's last 5 ERMC events (dating back to the previous season if necessary). For the event, the lower of the ERMC index and player's GHIN index will be used for the event. If a player only has 1 ERMC event score, that differential will be used as their ERMC index. If a player has 2-3 ERMC event scores, the average of the 2 lowest will be used as their ERMC index.

Rule 7: For new ERMC players or returning ERMC players who do not have an ERMC event score from 2023, the player’s USGA Low H.I. for the previous 12 months will be used for their first event. Once a player has 1 ERMC event score is tallied, Rule 7 will no longer be used, and Rule 6 will be applied



The Eagle Ridge Mens Club was founded in 2004 and is a registered NCGA Associate Club. Club membership, tournaments, ERMC Code of Conduct Dec-2021-pdf.pdfhandicap administration, club rules, code of conduct and by laws are managed by a board of directors.

ERMC Code of Conduct-BOD adopted December 13, 2021



ERMC By-Laws