Eagle Ridge Mens Club

A group of quality men sprinkled with the occasional sandbagger.

The 2022 season has come to an end.

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2023 ERMC Sign Up.

2021 Tournament Winners & Champions

  • Jan 23: James Aguilera gross/net 80/68 Medal Play

  • Feb 20: Nolan Harding gross/net 77/65 Medal Play

  • Mar 27: Darren Louttit & Shawn Hennessy Team Best Ball net 68

  • Apr 24: Alistair McGowan gross/net 82/65 Medal Play

  • May 22: Tim Dubenko gross/net 80/64 Medal Play

  • Jun 6: Sherm Stever @Poppy Hills gross/net 79/69 Medal Play

  • Jun 19: Richard Gullen gross/net 84/67 Medal Play

  • Jul 3: Art Jarvis & John Vetrano gross/net 67/60 Team Best Ball

  • Jul 24: Ken Heinly gross/net 78/65 Medal Play

  • Aug 21&22: Club Championship (36 holes) Low Gross Club Champion Shane Giorgianni 72/75 147 Low Net Club Champion Richard Gullen gross/net 166/135 Low Net Team Club Champions Richard Gullen & David Enney gross/net 166/135

  • Sept 4: Eric Minke gross/net 83/67 Medal Play

  • Sept 25&26: Member Guest Champions (36 holes) 1st flight Shawn Hennessy & Henry Ditmore 137/124 2nd Flight Damon Recotta & John Isham 144/124

  • Oct 17&18: EB Ryder Cup Champions Team Captain David Enney 13½ to 7½ over Team Captain Tom Cech

  • Nov 6: Men's Cup Champion Danny Van gross/net 78/68

  • Match Play Club Champion Danny Van

2022 Men's Cup Champion Nate Kassel

Leader board Winners

1st Nate Kassel 55 Points $300

2nd Dan Sunseri 45 Points $250

3rd Sig Reynisson 44 Points $200

4th Dan Schwender 41 Points $150

5th Russ Newman 34 Points $100



The Eagle Ridge Mens Club was founded in 2004 and is a registered NCGA Associate Club. Club membership, tournaments, ERMC Code of Conduct Dec-2021-pdf.pdfhandicap administration, club rules, code of conduct and by laws are managed by a board of directors.

ERMC Code of Conduct-BOD adopted December 13, 2021


The Board

Kevin Kelly President

Darren Louttit

Dan Senseri

Art Jarvis

Alister McGowan

Glenn Schiefer

ERMC By-Laws


Rules of Play

Every year it is the objective of the board to create a fair and level playing field for every member at every tournament. As a result, we will continue to monitor scores and penalize golfers who breach the following.

2022 Club Handicap Rules (Rules 1-4 same as 2021) Rule 5 modified

Rule 1: A maximum of 36 strokes will be allowed in all our tournaments and will apply to skins betting as well.

Rule 2: Any player with 3 net scores of net 70 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 strokes after the third score.

Rule 3: Any player with two (2) rounds of net 68 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 after the second score.

Rule 4: Any player recording a single (1) round of net 66 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 after the first score.

Rule 5 updated: BOD will review & compute 2021 & 2022 "T" scores and compare those scoring averages to current handicap indexes. This review comes into play when a player has a net score of 71 or below in a 2022 tournament. We will then review their current & prior year (2021) net T scores and determine if there are 4 or more net par or below T scores that may require a handicap adjustment of -2 or more. For new members, prior year scores will be reviewed when appropriate.

ERMC Code of Conduct

Adopted by the Board of Directors December 13, 2021 Rev. January 19, 2022

Eagle Ridge Men’s Golf Club Code of Conduct: Our club golf is played, for the most part, without supervision or a tournament official. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules of Golf, as maintained by the NCGA/ USGA. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, always demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.

Any unprofessional action contrary to the spirit of the game such as abusive language, throwing of clubs, cheating, or other disruptive behavior including physical or verbal confrontations or abuse on the golf course or course grounds, will not be tolerated and, depending on the severity of the breach, may result in a written warning, disqualification from event(s), and suspension or expulsion from the club, or a combination of these, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors (hereinafter the Board). Upon notice and review of any incidents, the Board will send notification by e-mail within ten days of said incident to the member informing him of its decision regarding the violation.

A first incident, depending on the severity of the breach, may warrant only a written warning against future negative actions, or it may warrant disqualification from the event where the incident occurred and a suspension from the next club event or for 30 days, whichever is longer. A subsequent or more serious breach will result in a disqualification from the event where the behavior occurred and a permanent suspension; after 12-months a player may request a removal of the suspension via a written submission to the Board; granting the request will be at the sole discretion of the Board.

If a player commits a very serious breach of conduct, such as, but not limited to, intentionally cheating, deceiving or altering his scorecard, the player will be suspended from the club indefinitely until he meets with the Board. If the Board denies the player’s appeal, the minimum suspension is three years. The Board has the right to lengthen the term of suspension based on the severity of the violation.

In the case of an extreme violation of the Code of Conduct a player may be permanently expelled from the club. This determination is at the sole discretion of the Board.

A player may appeal any suspension or expulsion at a hearing with the Board upon written request to the Board. The Board shall notify all parties involved of the time and place of the hearing by e-mail not less than ten (10) days prior to such hearing. The decision of the Board shall be final.

Graph below produced by USGA

Draft 2022 Men’s Club Schedule (14 home tournaments confirmed as of 11/28/21)

Feb 19 9 am NCGA Zone Qualifier Saturday

Mar 26 9 am NCGA 2 Man BB Four Ball Net Championship Saturday

Greens punched March 28-29

Apr 23 8 am Saturday

May 14 8 am Saturday

June 4 8 am Saturday

June 18 8 am Saturday

July 2 8am Saturday

July 23 & 24-8 am Saturday & Sunday (Individual Club Championship)

Greens punched July 25-26


August 6th 9-10-30 am Coyote Creek

Aug 20 & 21- 8 am Saturday & Sunday (Team Club Championship)

Sept 3 8 am Saturday

Sept 24 9 am & 25 9 am (Member Guest) Saturday & Sunday

Oct 15 & 16 11am (Evan Boone Ryder Cup) Saturday & Sunday

Nov 5 - 9 am Men's Cup Championship Saturday

Away tournament(s), tournament types, NCGA sponsored events and Match Play dates TBD

Past Champions

2020 Player Champions

Match Play Champion - Russ Newman

Low Gross Club Champion - Brian Ruiz

Low Net Club Champion - Russ Newman

Team Club Champions - Ken Heinly/Todd Coelho,

Nolan Harding/Dave Prasad

Evan Boone Ryder Cup Team; Tom Cech Captain

Men's Cup Champion -Damon Recotta

2019 Player Champions

Match Play Champion - Chris Green

Low Gross Club Champion - Brian Ruiz

Low Net Club Champion - Chris Green

Team Club Champions - Chris Green, Jonathan Cho

Member Guest -1st Flight

Member-Guest -2nd Flight

Evan Boone Ryder Cup Team

-Jonathan Cho (Captain)

Men's Cup Champion -Russ Newman

Most Improved Player -Chris Green

2018 Player Champions

Match Play Champion -Brian Ruiz

Low Gross Club Champion -Dave Schneider

Low Net Club Champion -Sherm Stever

Team Club Champions -Jonathan Cho, Sherm Stever

Member Guest -1st Flight Dave Slater/Jessie Gold

Member-Guest -2nd Flight Sean McGarry/Danny Van

Member Guest -3rd Flight Don Sunseri/Ron Stiltz

Men's Cup Champion -David Enney

Most Improved Player -Don Sunseri

2017 Player Champions

Club Champion Low Gross -Jordan Miller

Club Champion Low Net -Dave Conragan

Match Play Champion -Brian Ruiz

Men's Cup Champion - Glenn Schiefer (2nd straight year)

Member Guest Champions Chris Green (M) Brad Nolte (2nd straight year)

2016 Player Champions

Club Champion Low Gross -Kevin Noto

Club Champion Low Net -Humberto Rincon

Match Play Champion -Matt Watson

Men's Cup Champion -Glenn Schiefer

Member Guest Champions -Brad Nolte (M) Chris Green (G)