Eagle Ridge Mens Club

A group of quality men sprinkled with the occasional sandbagger. 



June 24th Tournament Sign up

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June 24th Optional Skins Link

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2023 ERMC Match Play Event


2023 Men’s Club Schedule

Remaining Tournaments

Shotgun starts 60 players max.

6 - June 24 th , 8:30 am Saturday 

7 - July 22 nd , and July 23 rd , 8:30 am Saturday &  Sunday (Individual Club Championship) 

Greens punched July 24-25 

8 - August 5th Away TBD 

9 -  August 26 th and 27 th , 8:30 am Saturday & Sunday (Team Club


10 - September 23 rd and 24 th , 9 am Saturday and Sunday (Member guest)

11 - October 14 th and 15 th , 9 am 

Saturday & Sunday (Ryder Cup)

12 - November 5 th , 2023, 9 am 

Men's Cup Saturday Top 20 qualify (48 spots)

 ERMC MAY 22th, 2023 



1.Taras Bodrouk

2. Ken Hienly

3. Del Porcalla

4. Tom Cech

5. Kevin Kelly

6. Sig Reynisson


1.Rob Durrand

2.Mark Robinson

3.David Scott

4.John Ventrano

5.Jimmy Tomasetti

6.Dave Carroll

Gross WInner

Tim Trefts


1 Ken Heinly $595

2 Ryan Schiefer $560

3 Shane Giorgianni $440

4 Brandon Pallott $390

5 Sherman Stever $390

6 Todd Antepenko $360

Brandon Gonzales $345

8  Todd Coelho $315

Joe Schiefer $290

10 Darren Louttit $290


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Rules of Play

Every year it is the objective of the board to create a fair and level playing field for every member at every tournament. As a result, we will continue to monitor scores and penalize golfers who breach the following.


2023 Club Handicap Rules (Rules 1-4 same as 2021/22) Rule 5 modified, Rule 6 added. 

Rules 1-4 once applied will remain in effect for the year. Rule 5-6 may vary tournament to tournament. A player can be adjusted more than one time during the season.

Rule 1: A maximum of 36 strokes will be allowed in all our tournaments and will apply to skins betting as well.

Rule 2: Any player recording 3 net scores of net 70 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 strokes after the third score.

Rule 3: Any player recording two (2) rounds of net 68 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 after the second score.

Rule 4: Any player recording a single (1) round of net 66 or below will have their handicap adjusted by -2 after the first score.

Rule 5 updated: Any player recording a net score of 73 (was 71) or below in a 2023 tournament will have their current & prior years ERMC tournament scores reviewed. If there are 2 or more net 73 or below scores recorded in the prior 8 tournaments, then rule 6 may apply. For new members, prior year scores will be reviewed when appropriate.

Rule 6 new:  This rule will be applied to all the top 20 Men's Cup finalists from the 2022 season. This rule uses a players posted ER tournament scores from the most recent events and averages the lowest two scores of  8 scores to determine the player's season opening handicap. It's expected that some of  the 20 players will have their indexes adjusted by 1-3 strokes and others no adjustment. If a player's current index is lower than rule six current calculation prior to an event, then the lower of the two shall be used for that event.



The Eagle Ridge Mens Club was founded in 2004 and is a registered NCGA Associate Club. Club membership, tournaments, ERMC Code of Conduct Dec-2021-pdf.pdfhandicap administration, club rules, code of conduct and by laws are managed by a board of directors.

ERMC Code of Conduct-BOD adopted December 13, 2021



ERMC By-Laws   


2023 ERMC Board

Dan Sunseri           Kevin Kelly

Darren Louttit         Glen Schiefer

Dave Bennett         Sean Dinsmore

Frank Damiano      Ross Mc Millian 

Russ Newman

Past Champions

2022 Player Champions

Match Play Champion Russ Newman

Low Gross Champion Shane Giorgianni

Low Net Champion  Nate Kassel

Team Club Champions  Sherm Stever and Russ Newman

Ryder Cup Team  Nate Kassel

Mens Cup Champion Nate Kassel

2021 Player Champions

Match Play Champion Danny Van

Low Gross Champion Shane Giorgianni

Low Net Champion Rich Gullen

Team Club Champions Rich Gullen and David Enney

Ryder Cup Team David Enney Captain

Mens Cup Champion Danny Van 

2020 Player Champions

Match Play Champion - Russ Newman

Low Gross Club Champion - Brian Ruiz

Low Net Club Champion - Russ Newman

Team Club Champions - Ken Heinly/Todd Coelho,

Nolan Harding/Dave Prasad

Evan Boone Ryder Cup Team; Tom Cech Captain

Men's Cup Champion -Damon Recotta

2019 Player Champions

Match Play Champion - Chris Green

Low Gross Club Champion - Brian Ruiz

Low Net Club Champion - Chris Green

Team Club Champions - Chris Green, Jonathan Cho

Member Guest -1st Flight

Member-Guest -2nd Flight

Evan Boone Ryder Cup Team

-Jonathan Cho (Captain)

Men's Cup Champion -Russ Newman

Most Improved Player -Chris Green  

2018 Player Champions

Match Play Champion -Brian Ruiz

Low Gross Club Champion -Dave Schneider

Low Net Club Champion -Sherm Stever

Team Club Champions -Jonathan Cho, Sherm Stever

Member Guest -1st Flight Dave Slater/Jessie Gold

Member-Guest -2nd Flight Sean McGarry/Danny Van

Member Guest -3rd Flight Don Sunseri/Ron Stiltz

Men's Cup Champion -David Enney

Most Improved Player -Don Sunseri